Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How To: Shimmery Smokey Eye

As promised i am posting up pictures of my look from yesterday. But I'm also going to show how to re-create it yourself!!! It's pretty easy but don't worry if you mess up that's why make-up remover was invented x♥x
All you need is:

Concealer I use E.L.F's all over cover stick in light/medium

Try E.L.F's eyeshadow in Drama it's a lot cheaper than Sonia Kashuk's Light Gray,Medium Gray,Black & Shimmery colored shadows- I use Sonia Kashuk's quad shadow in Paris at night because it has all 4 colors that i need =D

Try this Kohl eyeliner it's only $3 Black Eyeliner-I use Sonia Kashuk's in blackest smudge

Check out this mascara!!! If you don't have a duo mascra use the above mascara & apply a Silver colored eyeliner like gunmetal from E.L.F!!! over lashes! Black Mascara-I use Max factors highlighting duo in black/gray. It is uber cool 'cause i love wearing colored mascara's & this one is mainly black but at the tips it gray =D

Step 1: Apply concealer under your eye. Cover the entire area well. But don't over cover. Once you can't see no dark spot that's how you know you've covered well.

*Tip:Apply the concealer with you third finger. You'll have more control this way.

Step 2: Now with your eyeshadow brush/applicator apply the light gray colored shadow all over lid. From lash line to eyebrow bone. Keep apply 'till you got the exact amount of color you want.

*Tip: You should always apply eyeshadow with a brush because it comes out allot smoother.
I use E.L.F's blending brush it works pretty well.

Step 3: Next is the medium colored eyeshadow. Layer this on top. Cover lid  all the way up to crease. Again apply more if you want a more dramatic look.

Step 4: Like step 3 repeat with the black shadow except this time use your third finger to dab it in the center of your lid. Work upwards from the inner & outer corner's of your eye.

Step 5: Layer Shimmery colored shadow all over lid. Like in Step 2.

                                               YOUR EYE SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS

Step 6: Then line eyes with eyeliner. Top,bottom & tear duct looks best.

Step 7: Apply 2 coats of mascara & voila!!!



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  1. very pretty look! beautiful pix by the way :)

  2. So Gorgeous!!!! I <3 it def. going to try this =D