Monday, February 13, 2012

Cure Winter Lips/Skin

During the winter season i used to always get really chapped lips. They'd crack & it was pretty painful. I noticed that a lot of people suffer from the same thing. So i started to search around to find a product that would prevent this from happening. But nothing worked(lip cream,lip exfoliators,etc). I later started to apply lip balm every night. Which healed them partially. But i didn't just want to be partially healed. So I decided to try & make my own exfoliator(my mother & grandmother prefer homemade remedies then store bought). I found this easy lip exfoliator recipe. Tried it,loved it & have been using it ever since(it's been about 3 years now). It's way better then anything i bought at the store & i will never go back. Now every night I apply the Nivea SOS lip care cream & 3 times a week before i put any lip gloss i make sure to exfoliate my lips with my homemade exfoliator. People tell me all the time how do i get my lips to be so smooth & i tell them the exact same thing i'm telling you right now "I just simply exfoliate & apply a lip cream everynight".

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