Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kiss me

Hello sweeties! Wanted to give you guys an update. When i'm not posting on here i'm on December Speaks-humor,statement & cute designs or on Lyrik91-music inspired designs. Where i design & create beautiful products! I wanted to show you a few of my latest designs in the Kiss me line.
Kiss me zazzle_speckcase
Kiss me by DecemberSpeaks
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Kiss/Lips-Magenta,light pink & nude zazzle_photocard
                                 Kiss/Lips-Magenta,light pink & nude by DecemberSpeaks

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hot Hair:Guy's With Sexy Long Hair-Rockstars only

So i'd like to start a new feature this weekend!!! It's called Hot Hair. Every week i'm going to post some picture's etc. of the hottest hairstyle's & the one's wearing them :) I'll talk about tip's on how to get the look's & product's you'll need to do so. But for the first edition let's have some fun. I'll try my best to make every single edition fun. But this is the first one so i wan't it to be EXTRA special!!! So i'm going to do another one of my famous list's. This list is based on their hair/style. As you all know not anyone can rock long hair or colors. That's how i based my desicion. So here we go again with a list of Guy's with sexy long hair

1.Matt Tuck

Matt tuck Pictures, Images and Photos -Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine is definitely a rockstar from his looks to his hair he's got "It" all!!!

2.Andy Biersack
andy sixx fallen angels Pictures, Images and Photos -Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides is very much a rockstar. He's got the attitude/confidence & the entire look :)

3.Adam Copeland

-WWE: Edge may not be a "rockstar" in the music industry but he carries on that persona. Though now he recentlyretired from wrestling he is also begining an acting career where he is a series regular on the series Haven.

4.Jared Leto

-Jared Leto of 30 seonds to mars is UNDOUBTLY HOT!!! Isn't that what a rockstar is? True! But he's also a very talented singer,director,actor etc. Which also a rockstar needs-to be a talented musician/artist.

5. Tim Lambesis
tim lambesis Pictures, Images and Photos-Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying is not only a talented vocalist but he's also one of the main song writer's. And check out his awesome long hair!!!

6.David Garrett
Model Pictures, Images and Photos -David Garrett is a record breaking violinist who also had a brief stint in the modeling industry while he studied at juilliard. This german musician has it all looks & talent!!!

7.Mark Jansen
-Mark Jansen of  Epica is another talented vocalist,guitarist & song writer. And has really great hair :P

8.Alexi Laiho

-Alexi Laiho of Children Of Bodom is an awesome vocalist & guitarist with AMAZING hair :)

I'll be adding more so keep checking back ;)

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*Yes i do know that some may have changed their hair. But as before in my other post's it's based on their hair when it looked this way. These are my opinions please respect them. I understand that some people may not agree with them.
Do not comment with any negative comment's to ANY of these guy's. Thanks!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Guy's & nail polish

So what's your take on guy's wearing nail polish? We've talked a bout guy's wearing eyeliner. Which was featured on my Hot Post's ( This is where i stored all of my HOTTEST post's). But what about nail polish? I think it's pretty HOT! Even if it's chipped i think that's kinda sexy ;) But i know some don't feel the same.
I've put together a list of guy's wearing nail polish. The list is based upon the look of the nail polish on the guy. Not the guy-though these guys are pretty HOT!!!

BTW there are a few brands out there with "man polish" but the most popular is Evolution Man

DecemberSpeaks WHAT???

1.Jayy von Monroe-

Color recommendation: e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish

2.Bill Kaulitz-

Color recommendation:e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish

3.Johnny Depp-

Color recommendation:e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish

4.Adam Lambert-

Love this one too Pictures, Images and Photos

Color recommendation:

e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish Sets (5 piece)
So let me know your thoughts =)