Friday, February 24, 2012

Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray

Hey everyone! So my brother bought the got2b blasting freeze spray to try a create a unique hair style. He told me to make his hair look "cool" which i always do!  So i  tried to create a "messy do" like the way the label says in the back. Spraying from his roots to ends & then "massaged in a circular motion". Which didn't do much. His hair basically looked flat,wet & shiny. It didn't have too much of a strong odor. But i didn't really like it. Then we tried to do a spiky do which pretty much looked the same as before. I sprayed his hair "heavily" & twisted  his tips. Then i was like "forget that I'm going to just do whatever i want". So i did a did a faux hawk on him. It was pretty easy all i did was after spraying his hair "heavily". I then smoothed each side into the center making the shape of a faux hawk.

 Then sprayed his hair once more & that's it! i think the finished look,looks AWESOME!!!

Price paid for hair spray:6.99+ tax
End result: Ok product needs better hold. Doesn't give much volume/height. Need's better scent.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Easy Makeup Tips:Make-up Remover Alternatives

So over the years I've learned a few makeup tips/tricks. One of them is on make-up removers. Before i use to spend ALOT  of money on them. So i looked for an alternative. I found out that you can use baby oil! And now that's what I've been using. It's cheaper than the average makeup remover. I've used dollar store brands before & they work the same as higher end brands. You just pour some on a cotton ball or a Q-tip. Or if you'd like you can also try using a baby wipe. I've done that before when I'm in a hurry. Same as with the baby oil I've used cheaper brands which have worked the same as higher end brands. But if your going to use the wipes you should opt for alcohol/fragrance free. Whether your doing it because you wan't to save money,you've run out of your make-up remover & have these around your home or just wan't to try something different. I hope you enjoy these cheaper make-up remover alternatives.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How To: Shimmery Smokey Eye

As promised i am posting up pictures of my look from yesterday. But I'm also going to show how to re-create it yourself!!! It's pretty easy but don't worry if you mess up that's why make-up remover was invented x♥x
All you need is:

Concealer I use E.L.F's all over cover stick in light/medium

Try E.L.F's eyeshadow in Drama it's a lot cheaper than Sonia Kashuk's Light Gray,Medium Gray,Black & Shimmery colored shadows- I use Sonia Kashuk's quad shadow in Paris at night because it has all 4 colors that i need =D

Try this Kohl eyeliner it's only $3 Black Eyeliner-I use Sonia Kashuk's in blackest smudge

Check out this mascara!!! If you don't have a duo mascra use the above mascara & apply a Silver colored eyeliner like gunmetal from E.L.F!!! over lashes! Black Mascara-I use Max factors highlighting duo in black/gray. It is uber cool 'cause i love wearing colored mascara's & this one is mainly black but at the tips it gray =D

Step 1: Apply concealer under your eye. Cover the entire area well. But don't over cover. Once you can't see no dark spot that's how you know you've covered well.

*Tip:Apply the concealer with you third finger. You'll have more control this way.

Step 2: Now with your eyeshadow brush/applicator apply the light gray colored shadow all over lid. From lash line to eyebrow bone. Keep apply 'till you got the exact amount of color you want.

*Tip: You should always apply eyeshadow with a brush because it comes out allot smoother.
I use E.L.F's blending brush it works pretty well.

Step 3: Next is the medium colored eyeshadow. Layer this on top. Cover lid  all the way up to crease. Again apply more if you want a more dramatic look.

Step 4: Like step 3 repeat with the black shadow except this time use your third finger to dab it in the center of your lid. Work upwards from the inner & outer corner's of your eye.

Step 5: Layer Shimmery colored shadow all over lid. Like in Step 2.

                                               YOUR EYE SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS

Step 6: Then line eyes with eyeliner. Top,bottom & tear duct looks best.

Step 7: Apply 2 coats of mascara & voila!!!



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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy v-day? No...

Happy ME day!!!  Since i hate valentine's day ... ok i don't hate it but i don't like it. It's TOO overrated. Shouldn't the things' you do on this day be done everyday? Anyways Me day sounds way better right? So today i got all dolled up for...ME!!! Yes that's right for ME,MYSELF & I. Why not? Shouldn't i love myself enough to get dressed up? I'll post some pictures tomorrow of my look. But tonight I'm partying like a ROCKSTARR(except for the drinking part)!!!

I hope everyone has a fun night with whatever your celebrating x♥x


If you want to have fun you can do so with or without other's.
-Rent a movie
-listen/play music
-Do whatever makes you happy

And if all else fails BLOG XD

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Cure Winter Lips/Skin

During the winter season i used to always get really chapped lips. They'd crack & it was pretty painful. I noticed that a lot of people suffer from the same thing. So i started to search around to find a product that would prevent this from happening. But nothing worked(lip cream,lip exfoliators,etc). I later started to apply lip balm every night. Which healed them partially. But i didn't just want to be partially healed. So I decided to try & make my own exfoliator(my mother & grandmother prefer homemade remedies then store bought). I found this easy lip exfoliator recipe. Tried it,loved it & have been using it ever since(it's been about 3 years now). It's way better then anything i bought at the store & i will never go back. Now every night I apply the Nivea SOS lip care cream & 3 times a week before i put any lip gloss i make sure to exfoliate my lips with my homemade exfoliator. People tell me all the time how do i get my lips to be so smooth & i tell them the exact same thing i'm telling you right now "I just simply exfoliate & apply a lip cream everynight".

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Homemade Lip Exfoliator

Here's a simple recipe to cure chapped lips. It's uber easy anyone can do it & it doesn't cost much.

1/2 tsp. of sugar(white or brown)
1/2 tsp. of honey

So you just mix the ingredients in a small bowl & apply to your lips in a circular motion for about 2 minutes. Then rinse/wipe off & that's it! You'll have smoother lip guaranteed!!! If you have some of the mixture left over just store it in a small jar.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Burt's Bees Natural Acne solutions

So I bought the Burt's Bees purifying gel cleanser. Before I used it for the first time. I was excited! I love to try new things all the time (keeps life less boring). But while trying to use it no matter how much cleanser or water i put on. it would not suds up. When i finally gave up on that( I don't give easily either) i just put it on my face as i would normally do with any cleanser. I found it to be sticky,stinging my skin & having a bad smell. The reason i even decided to try this was .Because i had heard that a dermatologist's daughter used it & said that it was better than anything he had prescribed for her. Though I found it hard to believe because it did nothing for me. Now I don't have acne I don't even get very much pimples but sometimes occasionally I'll get a minor breakout maybe once a month. By using this I thought that if i did get a breakout it would clear it up or at least downsize it. But what happened after using it for a week & half  was that it made my skin red,smell weird & that's basically it. I personally would not recommend this product to anyone. But of course everyone is different & you may get a different result than i did.

Price paid for cleanser: 13.99 at target + tax

End result: waste of money

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