Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy v-day? No...

Happy ME day!!!  Since i hate valentine's day ... ok i don't hate it but i don't like it. It's TOO overrated. Shouldn't the things' you do on this day be done everyday? Anyways Me day sounds way better right? So today i got all dolled up for...ME!!! Yes that's right for ME,MYSELF & I. Why not? Shouldn't i love myself enough to get dressed up? I'll post some pictures tomorrow of my look. But tonight I'm partying like a ROCKSTARR(except for the drinking part)!!!

I hope everyone has a fun night with whatever your celebrating x♥x


If you want to have fun you can do so with or without other's.
-Rent a movie
-listen/play music
-Do whatever makes you happy

And if all else fails BLOG XD

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