Friday, February 24, 2012

Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray

Hey everyone! So my brother bought the got2b blasting freeze spray to try a create a unique hair style. He told me to make his hair look "cool" which i always do!  So i  tried to create a "messy do" like the way the label says in the back. Spraying from his roots to ends & then "massaged in a circular motion". Which didn't do much. His hair basically looked flat,wet & shiny. It didn't have too much of a strong odor. But i didn't really like it. Then we tried to do a spiky do which pretty much looked the same as before. I sprayed his hair "heavily" & twisted  his tips. Then i was like "forget that I'm going to just do whatever i want". So i did a did a faux hawk on him. It was pretty easy all i did was after spraying his hair "heavily". I then smoothed each side into the center making the shape of a faux hawk.

 Then sprayed his hair once more & that's it! i think the finished look,looks AWESOME!!!

Price paid for hair spray:6.99+ tax
End result: Ok product needs better hold. Doesn't give much volume/height. Need's better scent.

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1 comment:

  1. My friend uses that. He'salways trying to do crazy hair styles. BTW your bro's hair looks pretty rad :)