Friday, February 10, 2012

Burt's Bees Natural Acne solutions

So I bought the Burt's Bees purifying gel cleanser. Before I used it for the first time. I was excited! I love to try new things all the time (keeps life less boring). But while trying to use it no matter how much cleanser or water i put on. it would not suds up. When i finally gave up on that( I don't give easily either) i just put it on my face as i would normally do with any cleanser. I found it to be sticky,stinging my skin & having a bad smell. The reason i even decided to try this was .Because i had heard that a dermatologist's daughter used it & said that it was better than anything he had prescribed for her. Though I found it hard to believe because it did nothing for me. Now I don't have acne I don't even get very much pimples but sometimes occasionally I'll get a minor breakout maybe once a month. By using this I thought that if i did get a breakout it would clear it up or at least downsize it. But what happened after using it for a week & half  was that it made my skin red,smell weird & that's basically it. I personally would not recommend this product to anyone. But of course everyone is different & you may get a different result than i did.

Price paid for cleanser: 13.99 at target + tax

End result: waste of money

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