Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Ever had one of those days where you bought something out of impulse? Or maybe you had been wanting to buy something for a while then finally got it & ended up needing to buy another item to support it?  Well i sort of did that today. See today i bought this awesome laptop that I'm typing this blog on at this moment. I had been wanting a laptop for years now but could never seem to afford it. You know 'cause i was busy buying other stuff like clothes-Lyrik91 is awesome!!!,shoes-bought 4 pairs a few days ago :)
MAKE-UP!!!Lots of hair stuff you know the usual. But i did have money saved up for my laptop just not the exact amount i needed. Anyways it doesn't matter 'cause now i have it!!! Can you tell how happy i am??? Anyways i had to get a wireless router since my 'rent's have a pc & with the laptop that's just how it goes. So i got the for 37.00 bucks at walmart but as you can see if i had just a waited i could've gotten a better savings 'cause at this moment on amazon they have it for only 30.00 bucks. I would've saved a pretty good amount. Some people may feel that It isn't much of a savings but in this economy any little savings is a lot. Plus don't you just love the feeling saving money & getting deals? Oh well now theres nothing i can do about it just remember that i should always  "shop around". Especially when it comes to electronics. I've know that but was in a hurry to get Internet on my laptop!!!

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